I am Ashwin, a grad student at Purdue University working at the Pursec lab.

Trying to find reasons to smile like that!

Trying to find reasons to smile like that!

I did my under-grad at Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham and was a member of teambi0s mainly looking into hardware and RE stuff, usually breaking things pretty frequently.

Wondering what I do now ?

You like music? I do too. Check out my favourites!

Want to talk?

Mail: contact<at the rate>as-hw.in


The site used to use a fork of rhadzon’s theme. Now, it just uses no style,please. Why?1

Some of the content is in markdown, and some in Org-Mode, which is converted to Markdown using kaushalmodi’s ox-hugo, and the plain text is available on my Gitlab.


I use GoatCounter to track people who visit the main page of the blog.

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