Auto Tmux

Auto Tmux config

I recently read an article for auto-starting tmux on login with fish (yeah auto-completion is good enough to lose POSIX compatibility).

Well I thought what if I can expand it to make it a bit interactive to use.

Ideally it should ask me,

  1. if I want to have non-tmux session, mainly if it’s for a small task that would take <~ 15 minutes.
  2. if I want to create a new session, for something based on a new work/topic/idea.
  3. if I want to attach some existing session, that’s already on the machine.

What better way to spend to holidays, I thought. And I spent some time trying to adapt the code from the article to work to my bidding.

Code from the article:

if status is-interactive
    # Adapted from https://github.com/fish-shell/fish-shell/issues/4434#issuecomment-332626369
    # only run in interactive (not automated SSH for example)
    if status is-interactive
    # don't nest inside another tmux
    and not set -q TMUX
    # Adapted from https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/176885/347104
    # Create session 'main' or attach to 'main' if already exists.
    tmux new-session -A -s main

Slightly modified version:

if status is-interactive
    # https://www.markhansen.co.nz/auto-start-tmux/
    if not set -q TMUX
        read -l -P 'Attach to tmux [Name/l/m] ?' confirm
        switch $confirm
            # Scenario where I want to list all existing sessions
            case l L
                tmux attach-session -t (tmux list-sessions -F '#{session_name}' | fzf)
            # A scenario I want to left alone (Just hitting an extra return finishes this)
            # TODO: Someday understand how this exactly works
            case ''
                echo "As you wish, sir"
            # A scenario for the general tmux session
            case m main Main
                tmux new-session -A -s main
            # If you have a custom name for a session to create
            case '*'
                tmux new-session -A -s $confirm

Should ideally have the latest dotfiles at Github

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