My Setup



The laptop that I use in an Dell Inspiron 7560 with some nice bezel ^-^. It is a 15’’ laptop with i7, 8 gigs of RAM, 256 gigs of SSD and 1 tera HDD, also a NVIDIA Graphics Card (Probably 940MX) (Absolutely P.I.T.A to use, happy with Intel for now).It is a bit heavy machine, but has been absolutely wonderful to use (ignoring minor hiccups).

Update (09-01-2022): Now have switched to Apple M1 Macbook Air, strangely was the only laptop with good perfomance in that price range, the hardware is certainly good and I certainly didn’t want to carry a heavy laptop around. (Not a big fan of the walled ecosystem, but yeah people like Cypher exist)


My phone is again customized with Arrow-OS, device is whyred (Redmi Note 5 Pro). But I use it a lot, maybe would head back to a dumb-phone?

Update (09-01-2022): Switched to iPhone 12. (No comments here)


I recently got a pair of JBL, pretty good noise cancellation (passive).

Update (09-01-2022): Switched to a Philips SHP500 HiFi Precision over-ear the headphones.


Distros I have tried:

* Ubuntu (Everyone's first time)
* Debian
* Manjaro
* Arch

I made a switch to the Arch side, about a year ago. Learnt a lot in the process, recently tried Ubuntu, but couldn’t resist going back to Arch. So, back to arch, but this time for a change I’ve installed a hybrid-setup using i3-gaps and XFCE, so, I could easily configure a lot of stuff, connecting to the headphones would have been such a headache. And just i3-gaps makes your system a bit dull as well, maybe because I had lot of issuing in Firefox and other applications. Dotfiles are currently a mess, might put them online sometime, not sure when though. I spend most of my time, in the browser, terminal or mpv.

Update (09-01-2022): Since Linux is still in the process of being ported to M1, using OSX as a daily driver. It’s not as great as Linux but defintely better than Windows.



Update (09-01-2022): Now using kitty exclusively on Linux and iterm2 on OSX.


Vanilla fish + tmux

Update (09-01-2022): Still fish with couple of plugins and fisher for managing them.


I used to be a vimuser, but I have switched to the other side of emacs,but I still am on the dark side, currently using evil-mode with doom-emacs.

Reasons to switch:

* Org Mode
* MELPA Packages (You could possible do everything in Emacs itself)
* Self-Documented

Update (09-01-2022): Switched back to vim, emacs was getting a bit too much :) Still use org-mode a lot


Firefox with vim-vixen and umatrix


* WM: i3-gaps
* Status-bar: bumblee-status
* Application Launcher: rofi
* Window Compositor: Compton
Not AI generated